Broken Click Review: Best Student Film Winner

Broken Click directed by Lewis Wooler is a quirky short film shot in Peckham, South London. The film follows Haymish who is sold a gun that appears to be faulty. After a series of somewhat ridiculous events Haymish finds himself in a very serious dilemma that could ruin his and his accomplice Sobsy's lives.

Wooler does a fantastic job of creating a fast and exciting paced film while maintaining great British humour throughout. Though the film's events are extreme and hilarious you can still feel the stress seeping off Haymish (Akash Prasad) a combination of emotions that keep Broken Click engaging from start to finish.

The two lead actors Henry Morris and Akash Prasad deliver solid performances and maintain the quirky pace and tone of the film. 

Overall Broken Click is an engaging short that is a great example of how student films can be both high quality and entertaining.