Graziers: The Last of Their Generations Review

Graziers: The Last of Their Generations is the winner of this years Best Short Documentary award. 'Graziers' is a documentary about people in India who are dependant on animals, i.e. raising herds and selling the milk to make their living. This documentary gives us an exclusive glimpse into the lifestyle of these people – their successes, their struggles, and the realities of living a relatively disconnected life. 

'Graziers' also exposes the way the industry is deteriorating leading this lifestyle to the edge of extinction. Filmmaker Nirav Ajudia travelled with the graziers to gain an understanding of their lives. He documents their problems with food and water – for themselves and the animals – their financial struggles, and the isolation that these graziers face. 

Overall Graziers: The Last of Their Generations provides a unique looks into the lives of those we may otherwise never see. Nirav Ajudia is to be commended for creating such a interesting an engaging documentary that is packed full of information.




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